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Soccer Specific Fitness Training

Rob is the strength and conditioning coach at Montclair Kimberley Academy and has an expertise in developing sport specific physical training programs. First Touch Soccer Academy (FTSA) will offer individuals, small groups or teams the opportunity to work with Rob on their soccer specific needs. Soccer is a unique sport in the United States, one with limited stoppages and a required balance between aerobic and anaerobic fitness. A needs analysis of soccer finds that players need to be able to run for long periods, but also have the capacity to change their speeds and maintain high intensity sprints for as long as possible. Extending this threshold and improving a player’s acceleration, deceleration and change of direction is at the core of this training offering.

In addition to soccer specific fitness program FTSA also provides individual, small groups and whole teams a chance to test their physical performance. Through experience administering fitness testing in both the academic and practical setting Rob can provide pre and post testing of soccer's major physical needs: Cardiovascular Endurance, Repeated Sprint Ability (Anaerobic Threshold), Acceleration and Agility. 

If you have any interest in any of the FTSA training programs please contact Rob at [email protected] 

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